Painting the Wild Koi

By POND Content Network / May 11, 2007 / 0 Comments

I started painting koi in March 2002. In August of 2001, my wife and I ‘inherited’ this lovely apartment in downtown Hoboken, New Jersey across the Hudson from downtown New York; it had a small backyard with a magnificent garden with a koi pond. We had the best backyard in town. The pond was a […]

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A Marketing Consultant to the Industry Looks at Water Garden Merchandising

By POND Content Network / May 9, 2007 / 0 Comments

[img:1] As PONDKEEPER magazine’s readers travel the U.S., for business and pleasure, they can seek out true examples of smart merchandising. Specifically, they can see just how well water garden goods can be presented—by specialty retailers of such items. Fortunately, the traveler can find standout operations near to major cities often visited by PONDKEEPER readers. […]

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Structural Integrity in Water Feature Construction

By POND Content Network / May 6, 2007 / 0 Comments

When asked to write about the "structural integrity" of ponds, I first want to post a disclaimer: I am a landscape architect not a structural engineer. This is my usual admission: I only know enough to be dangerous, thus, I have a healthy respect for structural engineers. This article is not going to be the […]

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The Personality Divide: Getting Better Results with Different Types of People

By POND Content Network / May 5, 2007 / 0 Comments

It goes without saying that there are many differences in people, and that in those differences are often our strengths. Unfortunately, too often those strengths are not utilized because we expect the other person to be like us, and get into unnecessary conflicts, expressed and unexpressed, over those differences. How can different people get along […]

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Daylong Build Brings Decades of Influence

By POND Content Network / March 1, 2001 / 0 Comments

As water garden professionals we have long professed the benefits of “community-build” projects. Community builds served as the core of Chips Landscaping’s introduction to the profession and training as Certified Aquascape® Contractors (CACs). We found great value in these experiences over the years and continue the tradition of offering up a build annually within our community.

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