Mat McCann has kept koi from the age of seven. When Mat was 16, he was asked to spend a weekend babysitting a koi dealership that was managed by a friend of the family. Mat loved working in the store, and he started working for them every weekend while he was in high school. Because of his love for koi, Mat went into the Aquaculture program when he was accepted at Liverpool University. Long story short, Mat came to the U.S., at the request of Joe Zuritsky, for a two-day visit and decided to take the job at Quality Koi. He moved to America in July 2000. Mat now leads the team, with Ross Morgan, at Nisei Koi Farm.

Fall and Winter Care for Your Koi and Ponds

By Mat McCann / September 1, 2011 / 0 Comments

What is the biggest problem with fall? Leaves. Be prepared; make sure your pond and your customers’ pond and koi are ready for the Fall and Winter. Do you know when you should tell your customers to stop feeding their koi? Learn from an industry veteran to help reduce the seasonal stress for you, your customers and their koi.

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Language of Koi – Showa

By Mat McCann / May 29, 2009 / 0 Comments

“The challenge with Showa is that I find it one of the most difficult of the varieties in achieving the goal of breeding a Grand Champion.” The Showa is comprised of three colors: red, black and white. Mat talks about the three colors, especially sumi (black) and the tendency of customers wanting to buy for today and the problems/suggestions of dealing with that.

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