Mark Bodycott, years ago on a whim, I built a water garden in my backyard. I became more and more interested in ponds and water gardens, I was hooked! I went to a new store (at the time) Quality Koi to check it out. After spending some time at the store they offered me a part-time job. Cool right? So there I was 28 years old thinking about a major career change while I netted Koi and backwashed filters. After working part-time the owner asked me to close my auto shop and manage the store full-time. This was a dream come true for me. After several years and changes I started USA Koi and USAKOI.COM. I was the first person and only distributor to break Evolution Aqua's Answer onto the scene in the USA. Now I have cut back my equipment sales and started to sell Koi almost exclusively. Here at USA Koi I have retail and wholesale Koi sales, Japan trips, direct shipments and many other services. To compete in this Internet world, I try to offer the best customer service you can receive along with healthy quality Koi.

Pond Liner – Seaming a Bigger Pond

By Mark Bodycott / May 20, 2009 / 2 Comments

The story of how a pond became much bigger by seaming two existing
liners together. First I said it was impossible – they never work,
but this homeowner convinced me otherwise and the project began.
Follow this step-by-step process and see how this fabulously larger
pond turned out.

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Showa Breeders

By Mark Bodycott / May 1, 2007 / 0 Comments

[img:1] The meaning of the word Showa as used to describe koi, refers to three-colored koi. Those colors would be Sumi (black) Shiro (white) and Beni (orange/red). Showa are one of the three most popular varieties of koi commonly bred in Japan and also one of my favorites. I have been going to Japan for […]

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