Leo Babauta is married with six kids, he lives on Guam, he is a writer and a runner and a vegetarian, and the owner of Zen Habits. He also is the author of a new best-selling book, “The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essentials … in Work and in Life.“ If you want Zen Habits’ philosophy in a handy little volume, please buy the book. Zen Habits is one of the Top 100 blogs on the Internet, and covers: achieving goals, productivity, being organized, GTD, motivation, eliminating debt, saving, getting a flat stomach, eating healthy, simplifying, living frugal, parenting, happiness, and successfully implementing good habits.

Change Your Ways – It’s Not Too Late to Change Your Habits

By Leo Babauta / September 1, 2012 / 0 Comments

Do you drink too much coffee? Can’t stay away from sweets? Learn to change your habits now. Remember if you are so discouraged you don’t try, you will never change. Learn how to notice your urge to do the habit, and how to let the urge pass. These are easy steps you will learn: Know, Consider, Realize, Commit, Find, Notice, Repeat, Practice- try them and change that habit. You will cherish the freedom when you do.

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How to Be Happy Anytime

By Leo Babauta / September 1, 2011 / 0 Comments

Do you wish you were doing something different, making plans for your life to come, reading (with jealousy) about cool things other people are doing? Learn about the mindset that states “whatever I’m doing right now is perfect.” See how to integrate this kind of thinking into your daily life and be happier for it.

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The Short but Powerful Guide to Finding Your Passion

By Leo Babauta / January 1, 2011 / 0 Comments

Many pond builders and retail koi store owners are in the business because they truly enjoy it. But if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, or maybe would like to figure out what you would like to do, this is a must read for you. Ten steps to finding your passion. Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. (Confucius)

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Are Your Days Crazy? Take Control

By Leo Babauta / August 30, 2009 / 0 Comments

How do you take back control of your hectic, busy, crazy, chaotic days? You simply cannot be at your most effective if you are running around, putting out fires, and getting stressed out. Expert Leo Babauta will tell you how to take back control of your day. One example is “Control Incoming Communications.”

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10 Benefits of Rising Early and How to Do It

By Leo Babauta / July 18, 2009 / 0 Comments

Yes, there are some really good reasons to get up early! Should you make rising early a goal? Leo goes over 10 benefits of rising early and then makes it easy by giving you practical steps to achieving your goal.

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12 Ways to Decompress after High Stress

By Leo Babauta / May 23, 2009 / 0 Comments

Who doesn’t suffer from stressful times? We all do and here are some
great ways to deal with stress – including things like sex and taking
the day off! The authors all time favorite is number 12 – Take a nap.
Taking a nap is like a restart button for your life. There are many
other ideas, so make the time to read this one.

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Simple Living Simplified

By Leo Babauta / March 29, 2009 / 0 Comments

10 Things You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life – if some one said if you do these ten things your life would be better, wouldn’t you want to do them? One that we all can relate to is “Clean Your Desk.” Read this article and learn how to make your life simpler.

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