Meet the Judges: Our Second Supreme Stream Court

It is often said that a sequel never quite lives up to the hype of the original.

However, as you turn the next few pages, we suspect you’ll agree with us in disagreeing with this common rule — maybe just this once. There’s no question that our second annual Water Artisans of the Year contest packs justMore…

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Water Artisan Awards To Be Unveiled at Water Garden Expo

POND Trade's Water Artisan of the Year awards kick off the 2018 Water Garden Expo

We’re less than a week away from the presentation of POND Trade’s Water Artisan of the Year awards to honor the 2017 pond season’s “best of the best.” Like last year’s inaugural contest, winners will be announced at the openingMore…

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The Next Supreme Stream Court

Judges selected for POND Trade’s second annual Water Artisans of the Year contest

With pond season in high gear, all eyes are gazing toward the accolades that will be awarded this winter for the season’s best waterscape construction projects in POND Trade’s Water Artisans of the Year contest. Last year’s inaugural contest recognizedMore…

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Round Two: Calling All Waterscape Professionals

POND Trade announces second annual Water Artisans of the Year contest

POND Trade magazine’s 2016 Water Artisans of the Year contest made a big splash earlier this year when the winners of the inaugural competition were announced at February’s Water Garden Expo in Shawnee, Oklahoma. In keeping with the new tradition,More…

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A Pond Industry Build for the “Hero of the Planet”

Certified aquascape contractors (CACs) unite for ecosystem pond build at turtle research institute

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to build a pond for a “Hero of the Planet.” Time magazine awarded this honor in 2000 toDr. Peter Pritchard, the quintessential global expert on turtle species and the founder ofMore…

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