Jim Purcell began growing and retailing pond plants in the spring of 1980, and soon began wholesaling to other retailers. In 1987 he opened Jim's Water Gardening as a wholesale aquatic nursery, supplying pond plants and supplies throughout the US. Verena Liechti became managing partner in the business a few years ago, and they changed its name to Oregon Aquatics, Inc. The nursery now covers 7 acres, with over 60,000 square feet of aquatic greenhouses in addition to open ponds. In 2006 they also opened a 10-acre facility in California. Jim is currently President of the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society. If Jim had any spare time, he would enjoy gardening, hiking and climbing, free diving, and scuba diving.

Floating like a Waterlily

By Jim Purcell / May 1, 2013 / 0 Comments

With a membership that includes lily lovers locked in by snowy weather, the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society took a new approach to their annual symposium in 2013: they traded July talks and tours for a February Caribbean cruise! IWGS President Jim Purcell shares the racy details.

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