Jeff Rugg, MLA, ASLA is a horticulture educator for the University of Illinois Extension Service. With degrees in science, zoology, horticulture and landscape architecture, Jeff uses his many interests to help and train others. He has managed garden centers in Texas and Illinois. He owned a water garden and wild bird nature store that sold pond equipment, koi, goldfish and water garden plants. He has written a nationally syndicated, weekly newspaper gardening column 'A Greener View' since 1990. His articles and photographs have appeared in Pondkeeper, Water Garden Magazine, Landscape Architect and Specifier News, Landscape Contractor Magazine, Ponds USA, American Nurseryman and other publications.

Pond Design | Plants versus Rock Edges

By Jeff Rugg / August 21, 2009 / 0 Comments

The first question is what do your clients’ think are prettier–rocks or plants? It is time to leave the old style rock pit behind and to move into a new, prettier future of water garden pond building? Learn how to make that pond a real water garden, reduce your labor, increase your profits and get great referrals.

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