Hollye G. Merton, President/CEO, founded Aquility Systems in October 2009 after many years developing the Level Waters Pond Filling System. She holds a BS in Information Systems Management and a Masters of Science in Technology Management with the University of Maryland University College and is working on her MBA. Hollye served for 18 years in the U.S. Navy as an electronics technician and has worked as a production manager for a large antenna-manufacturing firm. While there, she directed a small subsidiary company designing and producing positioning systems for Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and EMC testing for various government contracting, and international customers. Hollye began building ponds while in elementary school, inspired by her father's construction of a Japanese landscaped pond built in her backyard while growing up. She constructed ponds for the elementary school garden solariums and received extra credit for her efforts. Throughout her life, she has made a point of always having a pond wherever she lives and she developed the Level Waters system from a need to fill her own ponds. After recognizing a universal need for a product like hers, she set out to engineer a system that was dependable and easily installed by the average pond enthusiast.

The Importance of Auto-fills in Ponds and Water Gardens

By Hollye G. Merton / May 1, 2012 / 0 Comments

Auto-fill – some installers swear by them some swear against them. Hollye Merton will cover many important reasons why she believes your ponds and water features should have an auto-fill system. Almost every koi hobbyist has killed their koi from leaving the hose on, is this a possible solution?

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