Richard (Dick) Schuck graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1961 with a BES in Engineering and from George Washington University in 1966 with a Masters in Engineering Administration. He has been involved in the field of aquatic plants for most of his 70 years both as a hobbyist and businessman. Before starting his business, Dick worked in the defense industry and government as an industrial engineer and computer administrator. In 1986, he founded Maryland Aquatic Nurseries in Jarrettsville, Maryland. His twin sons, Stuart and Brian, establish Charleston Aquatic Nursery in Charleston, SC, a few years later. These nurseries, because of their geographic locations, grow the most varied selection of aquatic plants in America. In 2005, Dick received a US Patent on using floating island planters for planting ponds with a wide variety of aquatic and moisture-loving plants. He has participated with the Center for Environmental Science of the University of Maryland in a study on the mitigating effects of using rafted aquatic plants to reduce pollution in stormwater retention ponds. Over the past 15 years, Dick has designed and manufactured numerous pond filtration products for the water gardening market and fountain garden products for the gift industry. He has written numerous articles on water gardening and a book, Pond Basics, now in its 4th edition.

The Best Plants to Use in a Veggie Filter

By Dick Schuck / March 2, 2010 / 0 Comments

Get expert information about Aquatic plants used for filters and eight great reasons why to use them – Aquatic plants remove heavy metals and ammonia from the water. Have problems with Algae and pH? Then you will want to read this article. Learn about the four Aquatic plants that Dick likes to use the most and the added benefit of using plants.

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