Curt Nuenighoff, TetraPond, serves as the pond products manager and is responsible for product development, business strategy, merchandising and marketing in North America. Nuenighoff earned an MBA from the University of New Haven and a BS from the University of Connecticut in Marketing. TetraPond is an international leader in water gardening products, with its US headquarters in Blacksburg, VA. TetraPond offers a complete line of products for pond enthusiast, including pumps, liners, filters, UV clarifiers, water treatments, books and fish food.

Planning for Spring

By Curt Nuenighoff / March 2, 2010 / 0 Comments

It is important to take this time to prepare your pond department and customers for the spring. Follow these four steps this winter to ensure a successful spring. Remember you are the pond expert; read, learn and plan now for the spring. Tips and reasons why you should host in-store events throughout the winter.

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Checklist to Prepare your Pond for Fall and Winter

By Curt Nuenighoff / August 17, 2009 / 8 Comments

Guidelines to follow to better understand the process of transitioning from season to season for your customers water garden. Remember, you are the expert and your advice is the most important customer’s will receive. Includes a Fall/Winter Pond Checklist.

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Keeping Fish Ponds Beautiful in the Summer

By Curt Nuenighoff / July 23, 2009 / 0 Comments

Summer Pond Care – Curt dives into summer pond care, offering up tips on how-to advise your clients on managing algae growth, plant growth and maintenance, fish spawns and feeding.

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Seasonal Pond and Water Garden Health Tips

By Curt Nuenighoff / May 13, 2009 / 0 Comments

This is a good time to remind your customers of various factors that can affect the health of their pond. While most consider filtration to be the number one way to clean water, there are several other aspects to a healthy pond: water treatments, UV clarifiers and the food pond fish are fed, all add to the overall health of the ecosystem. Learn ways to help maintain good water quality.

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Inspiration for Life-long Customers

By Curt Nuenighoff / March 8, 2009 / 0 Comments

Do your water gardening and pond department displays, inspire your customers? Retailers and Contractors should understand that unlike other landscaping projects, pondkeeping reaches beyond the products on the shelf – it’s really a lifestyle. There are a number of great tips in this article about displays and how to keep your customers coming back, again and again.

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Consider Your Strengths When Building Your Pond Business

By Curt Nuenighoff / January 25, 2009 / 0 Comments

How you organize your pond department, publicize your business and educate your customers is as important as what you sell. Have a successful pond department by following the five steps explained in this article.

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The “Greener” Side of Ponds

By Curt Nuenighoff / November 28, 2008 / 0 Comments

There are environmental benefits to maintaining a
pond or water garden. Replacing some or all of a
homeowner’s lawn with a pond, to conserve energy,
save money, support the environment and reduce personal stress.

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Building Customers for Life

By Curt Nuenighoff / May 10, 2008 / 0 Comments

With spring in full bloom in most of the country, your pondkeeper customers are dreaming of new possibilities and options for their ponds. Perhaps you have a few first time pondkeepers inquiring about the ins and outs of water gardening. They may be thinking of an elaborate pond without realizing the steps they must take […]

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Creating a Welcome Environment

By Curt Nuenighoff / January 12, 2008 / 0 Comments

As you are preparing your retail space for the upcoming pond season, your customers are busy planning the space for their ponds and its inhabitants. This is the perfect time of year to talk about what the pond will look like in terms of plants and fish. Adding both takes time and a well thought […]

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Four Steps to Winter Pond Department Planning

By Curt Nuenighoff / November 1, 2007 / 0 Comments

As a pond retailer, it is important that you don’t hibernate for the winter. Now is the perfect time to start planning your 2008 pond department. Whether it is an aisle or a large portion of your retail space, your pond department should focus on your customers’ needs, and make it easy for them to […]

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