Brady Brandwood began Lotus Land Koi Farm in 1997, a 10-acre facility in Marshville, NC. He breeds Gosanke primarily, Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, but also produces Yamabuki Ogon, Chagoi, Kujaku, and Hariwake. Brady has become one of the most respected Koi breeders outside of Japan, with an incredible list of Koi Show wins including Mature Champion, Adult Champion, Young Grand Champions, Baby Grand Champions, 22 Best In Size trophies, 14 Best In Variety trophies, several Best Male, Tategoi Awards, and other awards. Brady breeds for quality, not volume sales, and specializes in the very best Show Koi, works of living art. Lotus Land Koi Farm is an isolated, biosecure facility, which doesn't import Koi from other countries or other brokers or breeders.

Language of Koi – Ki Utsuri

By Brady Brandwood / January 1, 2011 / 0 Comments

Utsuri are a popular variety of koi. One of the lesser known versions is the Ki Utsuri, and its metallic cousin, the Kin Ki Utsuri. While the well known and loved Shiro Utsuri dominates sales of the variety, with its bold black and white features. There are also Ki (yellow) and Hi (red/orange) Utsuri. Get the whole story about Ki Utsuri in this issue.

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Understanding Sanke

By Brady Brandwood / March 16, 2009 / 0 Comments

Learn about this beautiful three color koi variety, the Sanke, from a leading American breeder. This is a red, white and black koi – what should the red look like, where should the black be? Check out a tub of five koi to learn why one has better qualities than another, thus worth more $$ for you.

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