Aquility Systems, Inc. Introduces New Mounting Products for Easyfill Auto-Fill Systems

Published on February 10, 2015

Aquility Systems, Inc. introduces two new mounting units for its Level Waters™ EasyFill, auto-fill system for fountains, ponds and other water features.

“Both contractors and end-use customers wanted a better method of mounting the sensing unit for our popular EasyFill™ autofill systems. Contractors needed a means of mounting to skimmers and other customers wanted an easy way to mount and adjust the senaquil_2sor height. That is why we designed both the MNT-SK Skimmer Mount and the MNT-EZ/SL EasyFill Slide Mounts. The new mounts provide a much better way to mount the EasyFIll and give customers the adjustment control they need ” explained Hollye Merton, Founder-President of Aquility Systems, Inc.

The MNT-SK offers universal mounting capability across many top name skimmers such as Atlantic Water Gardens, Savio and others and allows for minor adjustment to the weir door for correct water level. It will work on all of the Level Waters™ Pro-line autofill sensors as well.

The MNT-EZ/SL mounts with two to the mounting site and provides a snap-in bracket for the EasyFill sensor. Once installed, the height of the sensor may be adjusted up to 3” by simply loosening the thumbscrew, adjusting the height and re-tightening the thumbscrew.

“These new mounting systems will help customers to easily install their EasyFill system. We’ll be unveiling the new mounting systems at the Central Florida Koi Show this coming March in Orlando. One customer was so excited about the new slide mount, that they ordered 24 of them to start the season off with. They really make mounting a breeze!”

The Level Waters™ MNT-EZ/SL will retail at $18.95 and the MNT-SK will retail at $12.95. For more information, contact the company at 352-332-1549 or at

MNT-SK Install Color High Res

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