Aquility Systems, Inc. Gains Patent on Sensing Process

Published on September 19, 2015

Aquility Systems, Inc (AQS)., a Gainesville-based industry leader in auto-fill technology, announced today it has received a US patent for the method of sensing water levels in reservoirs that allows AQS to produce its Level Waters line of affordable, compact electronic auto-fill systems for ponds, fountains, pools and animal watering troughs.

Aquility_The_Line_webThe company’s founder and CEO, Hollye Merton holds the patent with a licensing agreement to AQS. “This sensing process is what has made Aquility Systems’ auto-fill products so sought after and competitive in the market” Ms. Merton stated. “All of our auto-fill systems use compact designs, however, the EasyFill’s small form factor makes it the smallest electronic auto-fill on the market, which is only possible because of the process outlined in the patent” Ms Merton explained.

The Level Waters brand consists of three distinct lines of auto-fills, the EasyFIll , Pro-line models, and their newest StealthFULL hidden sensor system for ornamental fountains and pools. All AQS products are manufactured in the U.S. at thief Gainesville, Florida facility.

AQS believes the patent will help it increase its current market share and allow them to branch out into new markets. They indicated that numerous projects are slated for the near future, many of which will benefit from the technology outlined in the patent.

With the patent, the company will be seeking additional capital investment, with which they intend on expanding marketing efforts and investments in R&D for new innovative designs and products.

For more information, contact the company at 352-332-1549 or at Visit their web site at:

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