Aquility Systems, Inc. Announces New Easyfill X™ Line of Miniature Electronic Autofill Systems

Published on May 10, 2020

Aquility Systems, Inc., an international industry leader in auto-fill technology, announced a new Level Waters™ EasyFill X™ MCX-11 control sensor for fountains, ponds and other water features.

The new EasyFill X™ MLX-11 sensor will have all the great features of the standard EasyFill™ with some extra features usually only found on high-end electronic systems. 

“Customers always liked the small size of the EasyFill but needed a way to delay the fill to avoid cycling. The EasyFill X offers this important feature along with a failsafe to stop the fill if something goes wrong.” explained Hollye Merton, Founder-President of Aquility Systems.

The new sensor will rival the features of systems that require bulky controllers and is only slightly larger than the original sensor. It will fit in the existing slide and skimmer mounts also. It provides an approximate 7 second delay as a wave compensator to minimize cycling as well as a third probe positioned about 1/4″ above the sensing probes that will cut the fill off if the water reaches it. Another new feature are the easy-clean probes that make it a snap to maintain. Just like the standard EasyFill™, the MCX-11 will be supplied in two wiring configurations – the 3-wire (MCX-11) and simplified wiring (MCX-11SW) versions. With all the new features in the EasyFill X, customers will enjoy the added peace of mind for their filling needs.

“This new sensor is a major milestone in our efforts to make the best auto-fills on the market,” said Ms. Merton. “They will offer true pro results at a lower cost.” Made exclusively in the US, the EasyFill Xfulfills a growing need for quality domestic products and is the only self-contained controller/sensor on the market.  The new sensor allows existing systems to be easily upgraded using the current power and valves installed on the older standard system. It will also be offered in similar system configurations as before with the MLX-1420, MLX-3420, MLX-1020 and MLX-50 systems.  Systems will include control sensor, power transformer, valve, wiring accessory kit, cleaning brush and snap-in mounting bracket. MSRP will start at $149.95 for stand-alone sensor. 

For more information or distributor opportunities, contact the company at 352/332-1549 or at

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