Aquatic Eco‐Systems Inc. Now Carrying Full Line of Cobalt Pond Products

Published on May 11, 2012

Aquatic Eco‐Systems Inc. (AES) of Apopka, FL, is pleased to carry a full line of Cobalt Aquatics and Cobalt Pond products, which are now available for sale. Viral Surati, Randy Parham and Les Wilson launched Cobalt Aquatics in 2011, and the company has quickly made its name in the aquatics community. From aquarium supplies to nutritionally balanced koi food, pond fountain pumps, filters and heaters, Cobalt Aquatics and sister company Cobalt Pond have a vast product offering that stands strong among more established competitors in the market.

One of the co-founders of Cobalt Aquatics, Les Wilson, said about teaming up with AES, “Cobalt Pond is excited and proud to partner with Aquatic Eco‐Systems to bring Cobalt Pond’s USA‐made premium pond foods and energy efficient, high‐quality, Italian-made pond equipment to its customers. Cobalt’s team, with nearly 50 years of combined industry experience, coupled with Aquatic Eco‐Systems’ commitment to customer satisfaction and performance excellence, is sure to be an unbeatable partnership.”

Aquatic Eco-Systems is currently featuring Cobalt Pond’s complete line of equipment and nutritionally balanced koi food packed with digestion‐enhancing probiotics.

Cobalt Pond’s pumps are designed with an advanced impeller design and “smart” motors that sense the direction of the impeller and contribute to making them some of the most energy‐efficient pumps available. The Cascade Professional Pump is perfect for waterfalls and for use in filtration systems. The Fontana Fountain Pump is a multi‐ purpose pump designed with a “squat low profile” for use with fountains and statues.

The Prexo Pressure Filter is available in two sizes and has integrated a Backwash System Valve, a technology that reverses the flow inside the filter and quickly cleans the filter media by flushing captured waste out through a separate hose without having to open or dismantle the filter, which is designed to be partially buried near the pond for easy concealment. The Puro Gravity Filter is, according to Cobalt, “the easiest pond filter to install and clean.” Each filter compartment can be individually removed while the system is running for easy cleaning. An interesting aspect of this filter is that it is designed to bypass a compartment if it becomes clogged to keep flowrates at their maximum. The Puro Gravity filter is a great choice for any pond hobbyist.

Finally, for koi hobbyists and enthusiast alike, Cobalt Pond introduces its new line of premium probiotic‐ and immunostimulant‐enhanced koi food. This koi food has been enhanced with naturally occurring probiotic bacteria, *Bacillus subtilis* and *Bacillus licheniformis*, in every pellet. The result is healthier fish, improved digestion and less waste in the water. This food is available at Aquatic Eco‐Systems in four formulas: Growth Formula, Color Formula, Pro Formula and a wheat‐germ‐based Cold Water formula.

These Cobalt Pond products are now available through Aquatic Eco‐Systems. For more information on these and other products offered by Aquatic Eco‐Systems, or to place an order, visit or call 877‐347-4788 to speak with a highly trained customer service technician.

**ABOUT AQUATIC ECO‐SYSTEMS** Aquatic Eco‐Systems Inc. (AES) of Apopka, FL, is the largest source of aquatic products and systems worldwide. Since it was founded in 1978, AES has offered unmatched selection, service and solutions to the aquatic community. With over 13,000 products, AES serves a variety of aquatic interests and industries, from aquaculture and lake management to aquariums and water gardens. AES staffs over 20 technicians and biologists to provide service, expert advice, trouble shooting and custom design solutions to hobbyists and professionals alike. For more information, visit or call 407‐886‐3939.

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