Aquascape, Inc. Reveals New Fire and Water Products

Published on May 9, 2021

Aquascape, Inc. merges the elements of fire and water in its latest product offerings adding beauty and excitement to outdoor living spaces. An impressive, auto-ignite flame now accompanies signature Aquascape fountain toppers to enliven any landscape.

The Fire and Water Spillway Bowl illuminates outdoor spaces with its flame center as water empties from the spout. Its lightweight and durable fiber-resin composite construction is made to last, and the natural patina delights the eye. Install it as a standalone recirculating water feature using an Aquascape AquaBasin® 45 or incorporate it into an existing pond or water feature.

For a natural-looking display, look to the Fire and Water Stacked Slate Sphere. Water gently cascades over the stacked slate texture and features a 12-inch stainless steel burner ring with an 18-inch burner pan (also included in the Fire and Water Spillway Bowl).

Features of the Fire and Water Spillway Bowl and Stacked Slate Sphere:

  • Innovative burner ignition system with thermocouple sensor for safe operation
  • Auto-Ignite Flame Control System for easy startup with either natural gas or propane
  • Rubber Gas Hose
  • Propane Tank Regulator and Hose

“Our complete fire and water systems make it easy to create a magical and dynamic experience in the landscape,” says Dave Kelly, vice president of product development for Aquascape, Inc. “Being able to install these new products into an existing feature is something that will excite a lot of our customers.”

Add fire to Aquascape basalt columns using the Fire and Water 3-Piece Basalt Torch System. The system includes three fire and water torches that install easily into the top of any existing or new basalt column. Made of sturdy brass, these torches provide years of enjoyment and come with a complete fire system for use with propane or natural gas.

To delight customers seeking a unique way to enjoy a backyard fire, the Faux Stone Fire Pit uses the same Auto-Ignite Flame Control System to bring warmth next to patios, ponds, and more. Its faux stone finish gives the appearance of real stone making it easy to add a proper fire pit to any outdoor space. The complete fire system runs on propane or natural gas.

For more information about Aquascape and our full line of water feature products, visit or call 866/877-6637 (US) or 866/766-3426 (CAN).

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