Aquascape Inc. Announces SLD Pumps, Pump Cleaner, and Deluxe Pond and Pondless® Waterfall Kits

Published on May 19, 2020

Aquascape, Inc. is taking ponds and waterfalls to the next level with an innovative offering of adjustable flow pumps and deluxe kits. The Aquascape SLD Adjustable Flow Pond Pump is the only asynchronous, solids-handling, adjustable flow, WiFi connected, smart device-controlled pump in the water gardening industry.

“Pond owners will be amazed by all the features and benefits of our SLD pumps,” says Dave Kelly, vice president of product development for Aquascape, Inc. “The asynchronous motor provides more reliability and longevity than ever, plus it has smart control capabilities allowing the pump to be controlled from anywhere at any time using your smartphone or tablet.”

The Aquascape SLD Adjustable Flow Pond Pump provides:

  • Asynchronous motor technology with superior reliability and longevity
  • Solids-handling capability for less pond maintenance
  • WiFi connectivity and smart device control to adjust pump flow, set schedules, and monitor energy consumption
  • Two-inch outlet for quick and easy installation in a variety of applications
  • Durable housing that will not corrode or rust

Aquascape Deluxe Pond and Pondless® Waterfall Kits include all the components you need to create a beautiful pond or waterfall plus additional items to make your Aquascape experience more enjoyable and interactive. Deluxe kits include our new WiFi compatible pumps and color-changing lights, which can also be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the Aquascape Smart Control App from the App Store or Google Play and take your deluxe pond or Pondless® Waterfall to the next level! All deluxe kits include decorative Aquascape Faux Driftwood, an Automatic Dosing System, and in the Deluxe Pond Kit we have included the Pond Powerhead.

Aquascape water feature kits are conveniently bundled with all the necessary components to alleviate the guesswork of putting all the pieces together yourself. The deluxe professional-grade water feature kits make a welcome addition to the Aquascape family of pond and Pondless® Waterfall kits.

The Pump Cleaner Maintenance Solution is an ideal pairing with any of these products as it quickly cleans and lubricates water pumps to extend their lifespan and keep them operating properly. The maintenance solution uses cutting-edge cleaning compounds to remove scale and biofilm to restore the pump. The Pump Cleaner Maintenance Solution does not contain any harmful acids and is safe for your pump, pond, and the environment.

For more information about Aquascape and its products, visit or call 866/877-6637 (US) or 866/766-3426 (CAN).

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