Applied Polymer Systems Uses Innovative Solution to Clean up Lakeshore Park Place Condos

Published on October 16, 2015

Applied Polymer Systems (APS) Floc Log and Pond Log technologies have been used for decades in construction and development to clarify turbid water. However, today you will see APS products used in pond and lake management to not only clarify suspended sediment in the water but also to remove excess inanimate nutrients.

Placing Pond Logs in the waterfall facilitates mixing and dispersion of the polymer material.

Applied Polymer Systems Inc. was enlisted to help remove the excess inanimate nutrients and suspended sediments and improve the appearance of Lakeshore Park Place Condominium’s ponds. The condominiums are located in the City of Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The luxury condominiums are located across from Shiras Park, a picturesque and pristine beach located on the shores of Lake Superior, America’s largest freshwater lake. The complex boasts beautiful landscaping and gardens that include two man-made, decorative ponds.

The Ponds average about 1,800 square feet and 2.5 feet deep. As with many small ponds ac
ross the country, inanimate nutrients such as phosphorus, organics and sediments beg
an to build up over time, making the ponds aesthetically displeasing.

Lakeshore After
Phosphorus, inanimate particulate, and sediment are flocculated out improving water quality and clarity.

The pond water was tested in order to find a site-specific Pond Log to flocculate out inanimate nutrients and sediments from the ponds. Once the correct material was specified, Pond Logs were placed in the waterfalls (2 Pond Logs per pond). Placing the logs in the waterfalls facilitates mixing and dispersion of the polymer material. Once in the water column, the log material binds with phosphorus and other particulate and sediment to form heavier, larger conglomerates that settle out of the water column, thereby reducing turbidity.

When placed in a waterfall, aeration or other circulation systems, Pond Log component
s are mixed and circulated throughout the pond. The phosphorus, inanimate nutrients and sediments are reduced, producing a beautiful, picturesque pond.
An additional benefit is that Pond Lo
gs are not harmful to fish or other aquatic organisms. All Pond Logs are toxicity tested by an EPA-certified lab and are shown to be non-toxic to aquatic life (full reports may be found by contacting Applied Polymer Systems).

After installation of the logs in the waterfalls, results were noticeable within the first month, and Lakeshore Condominiums have been using the system for nearly eight years. The Pond Logs are replaced about once a month (except in the winter due to freezing of the ponds). The method is very simple, requiring little to no maintenance with excellent quality of water as an outcome. The Pond Logs clean the rocks and the pond water itself is clear and beautiful.
The results are clear … literally. Within a few short weeks, the ponds at Lakeshore Condominiums have become beautiful water bodies that all the residents can enjoy.

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