API® launches groundbreaking nitrifying bacteria QUICK START™

Published on December 2, 2011

Mars Fishcare, North America is excited to introduce QUICK START™ to the API® family of water treatments. QUICK START is a breakthrough in the aquatics industry; allowing for the safe and immediate introduction of fish to the aquarium by immediately starting the biological filter. Containing live nitrifying bacteria with a non-refrigerated shelf life of 2.5 years, the all natural QUICK START limits toxic ammonia and nitrite which helps prevent fish loss.

Commenting on QUICK START, Jeff Tyo, National Sales Director of Mars Fishcare said, “QUICK START is a game changer for the aquarium segment. It provides the aquarist with the most advanced live nitrifying bacterial product available in the trade with a stable, long shelf life product that is proven to work. QUICK START enables consumers to immediately add fish successfully to their aquarium without any delay! This product will reduce drop out rates and minimize fish loss while keeping consumers engaged with the hobby.” Beyond starting a new aquarium, QUICK START is recommended when adding fish, changing water, changing the filter media, after medicating or whenever ammonia or nitrite is detected.

About Mars Fishcare, North America, Inc.
Mars Fishcare, North America Inc. a member of the Mars group of companies, has been a leader in the pet industry for more than 40 years, manufacturing hundreds of quality products for aquariums and ponds under the brand names of API®, RENA®, PondCare® and Aquarian®. Information regarding all Mars Fishcare brands can be found at www.marsfishcare.com.

MARS Fishcare, North America, Inc.
50 East Hamilton St.
Shalfont, PA 18914
1 215 822 8181

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