Announcing Seminar and Hotel Info for the Water Garden Expo

Published on December 5, 2013

Pondliner Wholesale invites you to the 2014 Water Garden Expo – one of the industry’s best attended events. Event is February 27-28, 2014.
We now have the following hotel and educational seminar information:

**Grand Casino Hotel & Resort**
The Grand Casino Hotel & Resort opened in July of 2013 and is conveniently located at I-40 at exit 178. It is a upscale 14-floor hotel property, featuring 262 elegantly-appointed rooms and suites. All rooms feature 42″ flat panel HD TV’s, iPad with hotel information and gaming options, complimentary WifI, Coffee Maker, 24-hour in-room dining, 24 hour fitness center. Beautiful intimate on site spa, with complete services and amenities. Rooftop pool and lounge area, restaurants include the Grand Casino Buffet, The Grand Stand Sports Bar, Subway and a beautiful new Brazilian Steakhouse. For more information, visit

777 Grand Casino Blvd
Shawnee, OK 74801
(405) 964-7777
$89.00*/ night.
Free shuttle service to/from airport and Expo Center available- Must Reserve Room by 2/10/2014

**Holiday Inn Express**
4909 N Union
Shawnee, OK 74804
(405) 275-8880
$94.00*/ night
Must reserve room by 2/11/2014 for special rate

**La Quinta Inn**
5401 Enterprise Court
Shawnee, OK 74804
(405) 275-7930
$89.00*/ night

**Comfort Inn & Suites**
4981 N Harrison
Shawnee, OK 74804
(405) 273-8667
$89.00*/ night

*Mention “Unit Liner/Pondliner Water Garden Expo” when reserving your room in order to receive the published rate.*


**Building a Million Dollar Water Feature Business- Steve Shinholser, Premier Ponds** Steve is one of the world’s most successful and prolific water feature contractors. He’s installed hundreds of ponds, waterfalls and fountainscapes. Additionally, hundreds of customers rely on him annually to maintain their water features. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he does it all with a few guys, two trucks, no heavy equipment and working out of his garage. Steve is giving away all of his secrets, but you must be there to get them!

**Building a Profitable Water Treatment Program, Jeff Spillars, Airmax Ecosystems** Add big profits to your business by building a smart and profitable treatment program. Learn how to build a treatment program that will make you want to quit building ponds and become a pond treatment company.

**Pond-Free Water Features the Atlantic Way, Demi Fortuna, Atlantic Water Gardens** Join us in a three-part seminar to create a beautiful water feature with all of the “WOW!” and none of the woe. Learn to balance reservoir size to streams and falls, create leak-proof upwelling pools, cut operating costs with multiple pumps and mimic natural eroding ledge formations. And be prepared to sling some rock!

**The Ten Best Lining Techniques, Bill Johnson, Firestone Building Products**
Learn from the industry’s top installation expert what you should be doing on every liner project. This seminar is a wealth of information that will benefit everyone from the novice to the seasoned veteran.

**Alamo-Sized Lighting Projects, AJ Hetzke, IlluminFx**
Have an upscale homeowner or a commercial customer looking for something different? Produce dramatic effects with IlluminFx’s Spectrum Select and Color Select lighting systems that can be scaled to any size project with programmable, color-changing LED fixtures.

**I Got the Call, Now How do I get the Sale? Max Taylor, Magnolia Ponds & Water Gardens** Congratulations! Your marketing efforts worked and a prospective customer called you to bid a project. Don’t just show up and give some pictures and a price. See how a logical presentation can increase your closing percentage. Learn from one of the best how to build trust and a relationship with your customer.

**The Importance of Understanding Your Pumping System, Ben Ashe, MDM Manufacturing** The visual success of a water feature is often dependant getting the correct water flow from the pump. But energy consumption and pump reliability often plays a larger role in whether the feature stands the test of time. Don’t let the pump choose you. Know what to test and how to use the data. Choose the right technology to design a pumping system for your project.

**How much do I Quote on This Project? The Keys to Profitable Bidding, Eric Triplet, The Pond Digger** Many new pond installation companies struggle with pricing their work. Bid too high, you may lose the project to a competitor. Bid too low, you and your crew may work several days to lose money. Eric walks you step-by-step through the bid process so that you make money on every project. Learn what you can do to bid higher and still get the project.

**Mechanical and Biological Pond Filtration Systems Explained, OASE Livingwater**
OASE’s technical team takes the mystery out of pond filtration. They’ll cover the strengths and weaknesses of systems being used in the industry today. Learn if your current filter of choice is effective, or uses Stone Age technology.
Platinum Sponsor Seminar, OASE Livingwater
OASE Livingwater is the global leader in water gardens with a longstanding reputation for innovation and quality. Take an in-depth look at OASE’s newest products for 2014 and learn the concepts and engineering behind their unique products.

**Using Analytics to Measure Online Success, Nick Mezlak, Fathom SEO** You consider yourself somewhat tech savvy. Your business has a web site, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. You send out e-mail newsletters and are list on Yelp. But are you flying blind with your online efforts? This seminar shows how easy it is to utilize free online analytics packages to know where your marketing is working and what you need to improve.

**Making Money with Floating Fountains, Ken Rust, Kasco Marine** Selling floating fountains and aerators is easy once you learn the basics. Learn the different types of fountains and how to size them. Ken will also walk you through a fountain installation and give you pointers to make the process easier. You’ll leave this seminar with the knowledge you need to dramatically impact your bottom line.

**Are You Missing a Huge Opportunity with Fish? Conrad Kleinholtz, Kleinholtz Koi Farm** Are you sending customers elsewhere to buy fish? If you build or sell decorative fish ponds, what message does this send your customers? Done correctly, fish can add to your bottom line with few headaches. Conrad walks you through different paradigms for offering fish to your new and existing customers.

**Clean Your Pond– and Eat It Too! An Introduction to Pond Aquaponics, Demi Fortuna, Atlantic Water Gardens** Why use a costly, high maintenance filter system to clean the pond, when you can turn those dissolved nutrients into healthy, abundant, organic crops and return high quality, crystal clear water to the pond, trouble free? That’s just what Aquaponics offers, and it’s as simple as it is effective.

**Online Marketing- Putting it All Together, Nick Mezlak, Fathom SEO** What are you doing to drive traffic (and revenue) to your web site? Learn how to take your online efforts to a new level with pay-per-click advertising, organic search and e-mail. This is high-level information for those serious about their online results.

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