Announcing MinnFinn Max and NeuFinn

Published on March 9, 2009

New from AquaSolver, there is a revolutionary new treatment for your Koi and Goldfish. Up till now there were very few tools available to fish keepers to effectively treat external diseases. And of those, many are toxic to you, the fish and the environment.

AquaSolver is pleased to announce the new treatment for Koi and Goldfish, MinnFinn Max. MinnFinn Max was developed to be easy to use, effective at ridding most parasites (i.e. Costia and Trichodina), including flukes, and external bacterial infections, often in one treatment. Imagine being able to treat fish, neutralize the treatment with NeuFinn and not have to worry about water changes. There is also no worry about the addition of chemicals that are harmful to the environment or what harm may be done to the fish and the user.

An example of the effectiveness of MinnFinn Max was demonstrated against a severe bacterial gill disease infection where fish health was so bad the tank was to be euthanized. One treatment of MinnFinn Max turned the tank around to where there was no mortality the second day after treatment and beyond saving 500 fish.

It is time to start using more responsible products and reduce the use of cancer causing agents and heavy metals which are harmful to the user, the fish and the environment. We at AquaSolver are promoting Product Responsibility with the introduction of MinnFinn Max. MinnFinn Max now offers an alternative with no toxicity to you, no long term toxicity to the fish, no toxicity to the environment, no water changes and no worries.

MinnFinn Max is available in 1 liter bottles which each will treat 8000 gallons of water and includes the NeuFinn neutralizer. Available soon will be MinnFinn which will also be in one liter bottles and will treat 2000 gallons of water. As with MinnFinn Max, MinnFinn will also include the NeuFinn neutralizer. For more information please contact AquaSolver; at 800-955-0221 or Paul Curtis at 760-518-8170 or Don Gressly at 719-287-0002. Please also see our website for more information.

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