Announcement from IPPCA Board of Directors

Published on May 8, 2012

The IPPCA Board of Directors are very pleased to announce that on May 15th our industry organization will grow substantially. Over the last several years contractors, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers have asked us if the pond industry could ever be united under one organization. Seeing the growing threat of governmental regulation along with an ever diversifying marketplace the IPPCA and NAPP organizations both saw the benefits of mutual cooperation. Uniting the members of both trade associations would provide us with more potential to fully represent everyone and help move our industry ever forward.

In order to help our industry and the associations that represent it reach their full potential I, along with IPPCA Vice President Mike White, have been in talks with Interim NAPP president Warren Thoma. These talks quickly revealed that both organizations understood our effectiveness would increase exponentially by combining members and having everyone work together towards the betterment of the industry. After considerable discussion between both boards of directors we reached an agreement that we feel confident will propel the industry to new heights.

On May 15th paid members in good standing with NAPP will be extended a corresponding level of membership in the IPPCA. At that time these new members will be granted the full benefits and privileges that IPPCA members now enjoy. NAPP members who have passed the NAPP written certification test will be allowed to pursue full IPPCA certification by completing the non written requirements we have in place. To avoid confusion to the pond industry the NAPP will formally dissolve their organization. We look forward to the ideas and efforts their members will bring to the expanded IPPCA association.

The next few months will undoubtedly be exciting times for all of us who make our living in this industry. The world, and the way we do business is ever changing and we as an industry must change with it. With the addition of these many new members the IPPCA, as an organization, and we as a industry, stand the best chance of continuing the growth and prosperity of all pond businesses. Over the next year you can expect expanded educational opportunities, better information of legal issues that affect you, better communication from your pond association, and increased support from every facet of our industry.

I wish to thank each and every one of you for the support you provide to the IPPCA and I wish to thank the board members of each organization for their wisdom and foresight in uniting behind one industry banner.

John Olson, Mike White and the IPPCA Board of Directors

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