Anjon Manufacturing Announces National Sales Director Doug Main

Published on October 14, 2019

Anjon Manufacturing and Savio Engineering are thrilled to announce Doug Main has accepted the position as National Sales Director. 

Jon Lottes, President & CEO of Anjon Manufacturing, states “We are excited to have Doug a part of our growing team. He brings years of experience, knowledge, and impeccable character to our company and customers. He has an established network of distributors and his reputation of great character and work ethic precedes him.”

“Anjon is progressive, leading the pond market with their products,” stated Doug. “Jon (Lottes) and I have known each other many years. Back in 2004, we built a backyard pond together as a hands-on training for employees. You learn a lot about someone when you are digging in the dirt and covered with sweat and mud. It was a great time!” Doug continued, “Jon and I have witnessed the changes in this industry over the last two decades. I know Jon to be a great, fair-minded leader. The care and responsibility he gives to his customers and employees is reflected in their trust and respect for him and the company he has built. It was an easy decision to come aboard to help lead this company on a path of continued success.”

Doug brings over 20 years of experience working in the pond equipment industry. Prior to Anjon, he spent 17 years with Danner Manufacturing where he was a Regional Sales Manager, National Accounts Manager of Coops, and National Sales Manager East of Mississippi. Additionally, Doug has been recognized for the quality of his work. He has consistently matured the water garden products business in his territories and has received many awards, such as Sales Manager of the Year, Best Packaging Awards, and Vendor of the Year.

For more information about Doug Main and Anjon Manufacturing, please visit or call 800/553-5605

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  1. Congratulations Doug! Jon couldn’t have made a better choice in the industry. Looking forward to meeting you on the field. Be Well! Demi

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