AMP Lighting Introduces the HydraPro™ – a New Modular Approach to Landscape Lighting

Published on June 13, 2017

AMP Lighting, a leading direct-to-professional manufacturer of landscape lighting products, announces a new modular approach to landscape lighting. The approach uses a waterproof, cast-brass, LED module ­— the HydraPro. This compact and durable unit features attachment points for the various mounting pieces needed for conversion to a well light, an in-grade light and an underwater light.

AMP has consolidated its product components in taking this novel, modular approach to lighting solutions. By creating a module that satisfies the performance targets of several products, AMP is better able to maintain inventory, control cost and keep prices low.

One of the most striking features of the new HydraPro modules is the proprietary waterproof construction. While most underwater lights use thin o-rings or gaskets, which are prone to leaking, the new AMP module incorporates a unique combination of hefty compression seals. A further measure is the use of conformal coating on the LED boards that is specifically designed to protect the circuits from condensation.

The modules feature the best high-output Cree LEDs and integrates them into a proprietary driver circuitry. This results in a very high light output — more than 900 lumens —because underwater fixtures need extra light to punch through the water. The other HydraPro fixtures incorporate AMP ONE Technology into the driver. This technology allows the designer to use the Design-Master remote control to adjust to the perfect light level.

The HydraPro systems also allow designers to adjust beam angles as needed. Interchangeable optics range from a 12-degree narrow spot to a 60-degree wide flood. All three HydraPro fixtures represent the best performing and most reliable waterproof lights available anywhere.

The new module is available in the following AMP ONE fixtures: The HydraPro Well Light, the HydraPro In-Grade Light and the HydraPro Underwater Light.

For more information, visit or call 813/978-3900.

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