A Proven Solution to Problematic Pressurized Filters

Published on February 15, 2010

Emperor Aquatics, Inc., PSP (Pressurized Sinking Pellet) Filters deliver effective heavy solid-waste and biological filtering.

Our exclusive FilterClay Media combines its 4-8 mm size, specific weight and shape to help eliminate media-packing inside the filter. Additionally, FilterClay’s porous skin and core make for ideal bio-filtration conditions.

PSP Filters are supplied with an easy to operate Six-Way Multi-Port Filter Valve that simplifies operation and allows for quick and easy cleaning. Combine with our SMART UV System to create an efficient water-feature filter system.

Available in sizes up to 240 GPM for water features up to 40,000 US Gallons.

For more information on this and other high-quality filters and accessories please contact: Emperor Aquatics Inc. at 610-970-0440 or visit our website at www.emperoraquatics-pond.com

Kloubec Koi Farm

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