2015 Water Garden Expo: 40 People, One Pond!

Published on March 6, 2015

Eric Triplett, the Pond Digger, leading the charge.
Eric Triplett, the Pond Digger, leading the charge.

By Lora Lee Gelles, Publisher

As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.”

I’d add to that, “many happy hands.”

At the recent 2015 Water Garden Expo in Oklahoma, the big event that kicked off the show was the 6,000-gallon pond waterfall build at Pondliner in one day by 40 pond professionals, approximately. The pond was designed and supervised by Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger.

>> Click here to view all the Pond building photos from the 2015 Water Garden Expo.

A melting pot of talent dug right in and created a beautiful pond and waterfall, working side by side. Some of the most talented guys from the Authorized Helix Contractor Nation took part in this event, along with Certified Contractors from Atlantic Water Gardens, the International Professional Pond Companies Association and talented artists from the Certified Aquascape Contractor program.

The pond is approximately 12 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet in size. It is filtered by a Helix Moving Bed Filter, an Atlantic Water Gardens Big Bahama BF2600 filter falls, an Ultima II 6000 filter with power from a Little Giant F-Series 5500 pump in a Helix Skimmer and a Sequence 6800 external pump. It also contains a Pondmaster 40-liter aerator, an Aqua UV 57-watt light and Aquascape 3-watt LED lighting.

The project went well and looks great, see image below … but we’ll let the pictures tell the story! Visit our Gallery Spotlight to see all the pictures of the Pond build!

Pond building in at the 2015 Water Garden Expo.
Pond building in at the 2015 Water Garden Expo. (Click image to expand)
Pond business for sale - Oklahoma City

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