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IA Launches New Water Features & Lake Management CIG

The Irrigation Association has introduced a Water Features and Lake Management Common Interest Group ( _and_Lake_Management.aspx). Created to support the growing pond industry, the new CIG will provide a forum for IA members to discuss new technologies, identify training and certification opportunities, collect best practices and brainstorm…


Aquascape, Inc. Announces UltraKlean™ Biological Pressure Filter for Ornamental

Aquascape proudly announces the launch of its UltraKlean™ Biological Pressure Filter with high-output ultraviolet clarifier with integrated electronic bulb-saver feature.

“We’re excited to offer the UltraKlean™ as a trouble-free mechanical and biological filtration option for pond owners,” states Scott Rhodes, Director of Product Marketing for Aquascape, Inc. “Not…


IWGS Announces the 2014 Collectors Aquatic Plant of the Year

The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society announces Nymphaea ‘Ruby Star’ as the 2014 Collector's Aquatic Plant of the Year. This hardy waterlily was a standout at the 2010 IWGS New Waterlily Competition for the high number of ruby-colored blooms it produced all summer on compact plants. 'Ruby Star' was hybridized by Tony Moore of Moore Waterlilies.



Water-Vac’s Dual Filter Cart

The Water-Vac machine is proud to announce the Dual Filter Cart. It works in conjunction with the Water-Vac ,“The Beast”, by breaking down particulates into multiple stages, thus speeding up the cleaning time. The Dual Filter cart can be filtered down to 200 microns at a speed of 3000 GPH of continuous circulation. The Dual Filter cart can be expandable to add more filtration…


Think Tick Season is Over? Think Again.

Stan Cope, Ph.D.

Ticks are active through October and until the first freeze, so gardeners, landscapers, horticulturists and pond contractors need to remain vigilant in preventing bites while outdoors this fall

Overcoming Unforeseen Obstacles Makes the Accomplishment Sweeter

Matt Boring

Ever have one of those days? Matt Boring sure has. Read along as he weaves his tale of pond obstacles to accomplishments.

Re-purposed Water Gardening

Lisa Burns

Have you noticed there is an ever growing trend towards recycling, re-using and re-purposing items? As a pond installer you probably already know the benefits to wildlife as well as to the environment of adding a water feature or pond to a yard. You would be surprised at the many items you use in your every day life, which, instead of discarding, are useable in your garden as decorative elements.

Natural Pond 
and Lake Management: Stop turning this business away!

Rick Weidman

Even the most experienced koi keeper or water gardener can be intimidated by natural ponds and lakes. But don’t let their size fool you: they are an oft-untapped profit center with an easier learning curve than you might think. Follow Rick Weidman’s advice to turn the natural water bodies in your area into new growth for your business!

Ponds by the Numbers: Rules for a lawless industry

Kent Wallace

For better or for worse, the pond industry operates with minimal governing codes and laws. But according to Kent Wallace, the health of the industry would be well-served by a few common guidelines! Cater your next pond installation to Kent’s numbers and watch your success rate soar.

One Voice for the Koi: The mission of the koi whisperer

MaryEllen Malinowski

MaryEllen Malinowski’s mission began with a single koi rescued from a garbage bin. 1,200 koi later, The Koi Whisperer’s mission is still the same: to give voices to these colorful creatures, enabling them to live healthy and happy lives. In the process, she has inspired countless people of all ages to join her cause around the world.