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Breakthrough Nanotechnology to Greatly Reduce Pond Maintenance

It is not every day we come across a product that will save you so much time in your pond cleaning routine. Using the power of Diatoms a natural bio filter, Nualgi Ponds stimulates the growth of these microorganisms that give off O2 and consume C02 for healthier and happier fish.

For the past year, Nualgi has been naturally reducing algae in ponds and aquariums across the world…


BioSafe Systems Welcomes Nicolette Holzer as Retail Inside Sales Representative

BioSafe Systems is pleased to announce the recent addition of Nicolette Holzer, who joins the team as the Inside Sales Representative for the Retail market. Nicolette will contribute to the overall sales efforts, including customer profiling and product trainings, from our corporate offices in East Hartford, Connecticut.

Excited about becoming a part of the BioSafe team, Nicolette…


Outdoor Water Solutions Acquires Bluewater Products Gator Float Product Line

Outdoor Water Solutions, Inc. has acquired Bluewater Products Gator Float Products (manufacturer product codes GKB103, GDD104, GJR105). Outdoor Water Solutions is based in Springdale, Arkansas and manufactures high quality pond & lake products.

We believe this is a great addition, offering another “Made in U.S.A.” product that compliments their other product lines including…


EasyPro’s New 2015 Catalog Available January 1st

EasyPro Pond Products of Grant, Michigan will have their new 2015 catalog available January 1st.

They have developed their product line to offer a large catalog packed with professional and do-it-yourself pond products. EasyPro is featuring a widely expanded line of water treatments in 2015 along with new pumps, basins and aeration compressors.

For more information or to…


Water Filtration Basics

Michelle Hess

Big ponds and lakes rely on biological filtration to keep the water clean while water gardens and small ponds are usually designed to involve all three types.

Bio-Security in Ponds

Carolyn Weise

Prior to the initial outbreak of KHV in the United States, the worst thing we had to deal with was the dreaded Aeromonas in koi ponds. Read along as Carolyn Weise of Ecological Laboratories describes the details and dangers of the KDV outbreak.

Think Tick Season is Over? Think Again.

Stan Cope, Ph.D.

Ticks are active through October and until the first freeze, so gardeners, landscapers, horticulturists and pond contractors need to remain vigilant in preventing bites while outdoors this fall

An Unnecessary Battle: Concrete and liner are teammates, not enemies

Kent Wallace

Pepsi vs. Coke, Bears vs. Packers … and concrete vs. liner? While all three are feisty, ongoing rivalries, only two are well-founded. According to Kent Wallace, one of the more contentious debates in our industry isn’t a debate at all, but a misunderstanding. See why these two approaches to pond construction are better suited as teammates than rivals.

You Can't Make Mistakes: Avoid killing your fish in extreme cold weather

Jamie Beyer

Famous last words: “I overwintered my fish last winter without any aeration; I’m sure they’re fine this year.” This kind of assumption is just one of the many mistakes that can turn a thriving pond in the fall into a cesspool of death come spring. Jamie Beyer lays out the key things you need to be aware of if you want your fish to survive the deep freeze.

Near-Disaster at Chelsea: Lessons learned the hard way across the pond

Mark MJ Wilson

If gardening had a Super Bowl, it would be the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show. Each year, the best of the best in garden design bring their most innovative ideas to this prestigious U.K. event, hoping to win a medal on the world’s biggest stage. But when Mark MJ Wilson’s first Chelsea project was threatened by a series of curveballs and rookie mistakes, he knew it would take all his talent and know-how to turn a potential disaster into a medal-winning masterpiece.