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Aquascape Unveils Redesigned Website

Aquascape Inc. proudly announces its redesigned website ( that provides customers with a simplified and more user-friendly experience. Visitors to the site will find it easier to locate the water gardening information they need.

The site caters to every type of water gardener, from those who prefer a patio pond or Pondless® Waterfall to those with full-fledged…


All-natural Product Helps Environment, Keeps Ponds Clean at Washington Course

Trump National Golf Club in Washington, D.C., works with natural products to keep water features clean and attractive—and to help protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed from chemical contaminants. The 36-hole property includes several acres of wetlands and ponds as well as a new 75-foot tall water sculpture. The waters are maintained with all-natural Bioverse AquaSpheres™.



New Spirit Pond & Stream Pumps by EasyPro

EasyPro Pond Products of Grant, Michigan introduces these Spirit waterfall pumps with Italian engineering, reliable and energy efficient with a unique design.
• Double bearings and triple seals for maximum life span
• Compact, versatile pump for ponds and water features
• Run vertical or horizontal for compact applications
• Energy efficient 115 volt direct drive…


Aquascape Inc. Announces New 2014 LED Garden and Pond Lighting

Aquascape announces its all-new 2014 LED Garden and Pond lighting options which can be fully submersed or used in traditional landscape settings. All 2014 Aquascape LED lights consist of permanently sealed watertight fixtures and are backed by a limited 5-year full replacement warranty.

“We’re excited about our new line-up of Garden and Pond LED lights,” claims Dave Kelly,…


Water Filtration Basics

Michelle Hess

Big ponds and lakes rely on biological filtration to keep the water clean while water gardens and small ponds are usually designed to involve all three types.

Bio-Security in Ponds

Carolyn Weise

Prior to the initial outbreak of KHV in the United States, the worst thing we had to deal with was the dreaded Aeromonas in koi ponds. Read along as Carolyn Weise of Ecological Laboratories describes the details and dangers of the KDV outbreak.

Think Tick Season is Over? Think Again.

Stan Cope, Ph.D.

Ticks are active through October and until the first freeze, so gardeners, landscapers, horticulturists and pond contractors need to remain vigilant in preventing bites while outdoors this fall

Photos of the FUTURE: High-tech drones enhance water feature photography

Benjamin Timmermans

From underwater cameras to shots from space, amazing photography has always relied on amazing technology. And according to Benjamin Timmermans of Liquid Landscapes, the next revolutionary tech innovation is already here! Flying drones are transforming every industry from real estate to agriculture, and the pond industry is next. See how drone photography can bring your pond business to the next level.

Defeating DROUGHT: The many advantages of rainwater harvesting

Mike Garcia

It glimmers, it shines, and it’s at the bottom of your pond. No, it’s not a wishing coin thrown in by a naughty neighbor — it’s Hikari Moyo! As marketable as they are beautiful, these patterned koi have a brilliant, metallic sheen that will set any koi lover’s heart aflutter. Here, Taro Kodama shares the important characteristics to look for when appreciating this unique and shiny variety.

Make Your Pond Shine with Great Light Design: Why water feature lighting is more than just show

AJ Hetzke

To many water garden designers, lighting is the lowest item on the priority totem pole. To AJ Hetzke of illuminfx, it’s the difference between a drab water feature you rarely get to enjoy and a mind-altering wonderland that enchants 24/7. Turn to page 20 to discover the secrets that will bring a whole new dimension of light, shadow and magic to your installations!