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EasyPro Features New Distributor Locator on Website

EasyPro Pond Products of Grant, Michigan has created a “where to buy” locator for their distributors across the US and Canada. Simply add your city, state or zip code, select the mileage you are willing to travel and we can tell you where the nearest distributor of EasyPro product is located and their contact information.

To request your full color catalog or for more information…


EasyPro Installs a 245 Foot Wide Waterfall

EasyPro Pond Products, in conjunction with Triangle Construction, was pleased to have been a major partner in the design and installation of a 245-foot wide waterfall at the Bucktown Shopping Center Development in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bucktown is a mixed use development anchored by a new Cabela's store, Target and numerous other retailers. EasyPro owner Dave Ouwinga was brought…


Remove Nuisance Algae Naturally with Nualgi Ponds

The patented Nualgi Ponds formula introduces 12 essential nutrients on a nano-scale (incredibly small size) improve the health of your fish and aquatic plants. Bring balance to the natural marine food chain for a long term pond management solution and remove nuisance algae in your pond or lake without a harmful algaecide.

Nualgi Ponds is based on more than 15 years of research…


Bioverse Launches New all Natural pond water colorant

Bioverse introduced the new Healthy Ponds® Blue Pond Water Colorant and Reflections (Black) Pond Water Colorant to help maintain pond water clarity and beautify pond appearance. Safe for people, wildlife, fish, plants and animals, Healthy Ponds colorants limit sunlight penetration and reduce algae and aquatic weeds naturally.

The eco-friendly colorants are made with certifiable…


Water Filtration Basics

Michelle Hess

Big ponds and lakes rely on biological filtration to keep the water clean while water gardens and small ponds are usually designed to involve all three types.

Bio-Security in Ponds

Carolyn Weise

Prior to the initial outbreak of KHV in the United States, the worst thing we had to deal with was the dreaded Aeromonas in koi ponds. Read along as Carolyn Weise of Ecological Laboratories describes the details and dangers of the KDV outbreak.

Think Tick Season is Over? Think Again.

Stan Cope, Ph.D.

Ticks are active through October and until the first freeze, so gardeners, landscapers, horticulturists and pond contractors need to remain vigilant in preventing bites while outdoors this fall

POND STARS: The making of our reality

Greg Wittstock

In 1982, a young boy discovered his passion when he built a small personal pond in his backyard. Little did he know that 32 years later, that same passion would bring him a starring role on his own reality show. With less than a month to wait for the debut of "Pond Stars," Aquascape founder Greg Wittstock recounts his company's long journey from his parents' garage to TV screens nationwide.

A Pond Atop a Pond: The many benefits of the upper pond design

Rick Smith

Pond lovers love fish. Pond lovers love plants. The problem: fish love plants too, and a few hungry koi can destroy your precious flora in a matter of days. Thankfully, creating an easy separation between the two is just one of the many benefits of an upper-pond design. From aesthetic appeal to filtration and oxygenation, Rick Smith outlines why a second tier may be just the design your water feature needs.

Renaissance Pond Man: Join the genuine masters by broadening your knowledge

Eric Triplett

Today’s tradesmen are highly specialized in one particular area. But is that the best approach? Eric Triplett longs to be like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo instead — a master of many different fields. Here, The Pond Digger explains what it means to be a true Renaissance man … and demonstrates how a desire for knowledge in many areas can change your career forever.

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